Robust work management tool
with a low barrier to entry

PurpleApp is a user-friendly time management system that helps you easily track employee attendance, schedules, and task completion. From work planning and registration, monitoring progress, to reporting and accurate payroll. PurpleApp simplifies managing work hours for your business.

Employee management

Automatic and comprehensive

Employee management has been automated as much as possible. Thanks to the mobile application, you will always know who is doing what and where. Employee timesheets are created automatically, just like invoicing.

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Work planning

Work planning

PurpleApp makes planning easy with its intuitive scheduling features. You can create and adjust employee schedules in real-time, ensuring optimal staffing levels. The system also sends automatic reminders and updates, helping to keep everyone on the same page.

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  • The schedule table allows you to easily link workers with their work locations
  • Using the Kanban board you can create detailed tasks for workers
  • The mobile app will display scheduled work and tasks, and it will also update them in real-time if you make any changes

Assets and follow ups

Need to install a pump in the corner of the basement or solar panels on the roof? No problem, just mark where the device is located. Will it need to be inspected in 6 months? We will remind you about this.

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Best company ever

Integration and development

The integration capabilities of PurpleApp streamline the connection between various third-party services, enhancing overall functionality and user experience. With continuous development, PurpleApp introduces new features and improvements, ensuring it remains a cutting-edge solution for all user needs.

Stakeholder readonly access

Stakeholder readonly access

Purple App supports various levels of data access. For example, you can give stakeholders access to the system so that they will have the latest data at their fingertips.

Odoo integration

Odoo integration

Purple App is integrated with Odoo ERP, which makes processing working hours and invoicing very simple and quick.



Managing a team of pepole from different parts of the world is always easier when the system speaks their native language.

Mobile App for your employees

The main goal guiding us during the creation of the application for employees was simplicity. We didn't want employees to spend time learning the application. It should work intuitively and fast and that’s what it does.

  • Planned tasks

    Easily view assigned tasks through a clear mobile interface that allows you to quickly check priorities and deadlines.

  • Working time counter

    An advanced time counter that allows employees to precisely track the hours spent on tasks.

  • Event reporting

    Employees can create and manage notes directly in the application, making it easier to organize and access important information.

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